I Want to Be a Zombie When I Grow Up T shirt from Red Bubble

by on January 15, 2012

God I love that little kid. Ginger, snaggle teeth, freckles, button down shirt with tie and sweater. Bright eyes. And a nice big plate of brains. If you were meant to be a zombie and you accepted and embraced that fate, the Apocalypse looks a whole lot brighter. Despite all the death and destruction, mister future zombie is actually just then finding his ultimate flow, which is all you can ever ask for this life time.

Celebrate people finding their true life path with this I Want to Be a Zombie When I Grow Up T Shirt.

Designer Adam de la Mare (Brother Adam) called this Little Tommy Always Eats His Greens, which is pretty funny. He totally looks like a little Tommy and those brains are green. They probably are nutrient-rich like organ meats.

Available on Red Bubble for your fashionable pleasure.

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