I Shot the Deputy T shirt

by on May 16, 2009

i-shot-the-deputy-tshirtIf you’re hanging with Bobby Marley and he’s hookin’ you up with all the ganja you could ever want. And the vibe is chill. The water warm. The sun shining. You need to accept that if shit goes down you need to take your share of the blame.

Which is why when Bob says “I shot the Sheriff” you gotta walk right up and say “I shot the deputy,” because you know he ain’t gonna take all the heat. You may end up in jail for a 20-year bid, but the respect you earned is off the charts. And that’s cool, ‘cuz then Ziggy will give you back stage passes to his shows or something. Bunny will do something cool too. So, go ahead and let everyone know: I shot the deputy t-shirt.

Notice I did not acknowledge the Eric Clapton version of this song.

I wouldn’t lie to you…this is the absolutely true Busted Tees Review.

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