I Remember My First Beard T Shirt

by on July 19, 2011

Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

This is a spectacularly odd shirt. If you can’t read it off the image, you need to know this is the I Remember My First Beard T Shirt.

I like the fact that that pretty girl is wearing modeling. Gives it a little extra oomph. And, I certainly like the curly cue script and beardage. Very very nice. And with beards all the rage in the hipster set, you can’t lose by wearing this one. You will be accepted into any crowd. Beard lovers. Ironic beard wearers. Beard agnostics. Weird beards. Everybody. None of what I just typed in the last couple of sentences made a lick of sense, but that’s ok too, because there’s a beard t shirt on this page.

Busted Tees has a strict no beard policy for their employees, which makes this shirt somewhat less authentic, but still definitely worth consideration for your wardrobe.

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