I Love San Francisco T Shirt

by on December 11, 2010

I have a few things I want to talk about regarding this t shirt. One, I heart transitive pictograph verbalizations…you know the thing that started with I picture of a fake heart NY. Think that that started to spread to other locales, then the Internet really took it to another level where artists started adding other distinguishing factors about the place they love and making that the image that represents love. That is the case I’m making for putting this shirt in the Internet Meme category. The convention is quite ingenious and it really does disseminate a lot of information about a place and the people that reside in it.

Take this I Heart Stolen Bicycle San Francisco T Shirt. It means that despite some crime I’m sticking with this beautiful city. Or actually it means, yeah, everybody thinks it’s a beautiful city but I can’t even keep my bike from being stolen with a U-lock. A little sarcasm if you will.

On the Headline Shirts site you will see this shirt displayed in three different greens. It looks like the mens style is a dark forest green, while the women’s is more of a clover green. There is also an image in the gallery that has just the design and it’s more of a harlequin green. Just kidding I don’t know all the shades of green, but I do know the men’s green and the women’s green is different.

Finally, that model in the image is beautiful. Look at those dark  eyes and matching hair, and the writing on the t shirt. Amazing combination. And the clear day in SF looks spectacular. So, who cares if your Schwinn just got stolen.

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