I Heart Hammer and Sickle the 80s T Shirt

by on December 12, 2010

The 80s were indeed pretty awesome. Feathered hair. Mullets. Pastel colors. Popped collars. Top siders. Horrible movies. Synthesizers. Soprano saxophone. The Cold War with two super powers, instead all this anybody could be a terrorist shit. Pants that sat very high on the hips. Aerobics classes with lycra and leg warmers. And, everything was shallow.

Of course, if you wear the I Hammer and Sickle the 80s T Shirt, you may be confused for a communist, which is not cool, ‘cuz then you have to get in discussions about how back in the day they were the only group doing social activism, except then they became more corrupt and brutal than any other type of social system, and, obviously, died a slow miserable death. Capitalism is on the same path, if they can’t find that proper balance between regulation and free enterprise, or if they don’t start throwing some bankers in prison.

Anyways, I have no idea what Headline Shirts was trying to do with this transitive pictograph verbalization, accept to shower some love on the 80s, but do it in a way that people would have to do some soul searching.

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