I Have High Friends in Places Tshirt

by on July 24, 2010

Hey, nothing stops potential bullies or muggers in their tracks than telling them from the outset that you have high friends in places. I mean, they hear that and they’re like, “well, then hook me up with the Bubblegum Kush, Orange Krush, Jamaican Gold, or even the little strips.” Then, they haven’t mugged you, you still have your beautiful face intact and your cash on your person, and you’ve made a new weed buddy. Win-Win.

Now, if you have friends in high places in California, make sure you get them to vote “yes” in November. Actually, shit, it’s going on the ballot, so you vote “yes” on the Stank in November 2010.

And, certainly, don’t forget to support the cause by buying I have high friends in places tshirt.

Also, if you’re having trouble scoring in your state, you could always move to Oregon and get your medical marijuana registry card.

And, of course, the requisite link to High Times.  Did you know that Busted Tees is a subscriber?

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