I Drink In Moderation — Moderation Is an Imaginary Place That Exists Wherever I Am Tshirt

by on April 28, 2010

Twenty-four seven in the land of moderation with a bottle to the lips. Liver screaming bloody murder. And, your mind in a permanent fog or Gin and Tonics and Sex on the Beach…because you’ve got range. Is this really the life you want to live, the shirt you want to wear, the philosophy you want to embrace. I’m not judging, I just want to make sure your doing your personal accounting and inventory, before you step into this very specific place of alcoholism. And, let’s face it. It works for some people. It becomes them. It completes them. It helps them reach their full potential.

While for others it is devastating. Nevertheless, good shirt. Clever end around the boring senseable thing into the land of crazy good times.

Hey, you damn lush…get this I Drink in Moderation—Modernation is an Imaginary Place that Exists Wherever I am Tshirt on your body. NOW!

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