I Bring Nothing to the Table Tee Shirt

by on December 5, 2009

i-bring-nothing-to-the-table-tshirtYou know it’s a fine line between being honest with yourself and being to negative to visualize success. Of course, if bringing something to the table is not your definition of success, saying that you bring nothing to the table, pretty much is a simple statement of fact, and you don’t have to get all Norman Vincent Peale on it.

Now, if your Mom asks you to set the table, neatly drop the silverware and the napkins in there respective places and shout from the mountain tops I bring something to the table. If you’re in negotiation with “The Donald,” and he tells you you bring nothing to the table, tell him to suck a dick, get a hair cut, and have fun when all his real estate goes totally under water.

K…that pretty much totally covers everything about the Table and what you bring. All that is left is the shirt that you should get: I Bring Nothing to the Table Tee.

Of course, that would be funny if you put this shirt on over your white button-down oxford every time you went into a retarded meeting in the chilly conference room at your bullshit job.

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