I Am Banksy T Shirt

by on April 5, 2011

Banksy is a street artist. A graffiti man. A keep it real vandal on the streets of Bristol, and he’s illusive. I guess when breaking the law is your God-given talent and calling and passion, you want to keep a pretty low profile. He does stencils that have captured the collective minds of at least 100s of people, and now you can wear the I Am Banksy T Shirt and nobody would be the wiser. Of course, you might get extradited back to good old England and tried for painting shit that doesn’t want painting.

Banksy plies his craft in East Briton, Bristol, and Brighton, but has done work world wide.

Really, I don’t know what to think about graffiti. Have you seen Los Angeles. It’s an absolute shit hole and the spray paint on every concrete surface does it no favors. Still, the art form is kind of intriguing, along with the cloak and dagger secrecy. Actually, my hypothesis is that it’s Margaret Thatcher in kind of a artistic Alzheimer’s sleep walking malaise that is grand to behold.

Busted Tees describes what they’re doing with this shirt in a very funny way:

“It’s nice to see an artist with too much integrity to exploit his fame, because it means we can exploit it for him.”

Dude seems pretty cool after watching this piece about him:

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