I Am A Geek T shirt

by on January 10, 2010

Don’t forget as you consider that shirt for your personal wardrobe that the back says: “Society for Geek Advancement.” This takes it to the next level of super geek culture humor. And, it is amazing how much technology has changed the landscape. Now the geeks are making the money. Now the geeks own all the coolest toys. Now that geeks are making the rules. And, finally, the geeks are getting the women…ok maybe not that last one. But, at least they have the lightning fast T1s blasting into their mom’s basements, so they can do even more one-handed downloading. This almost makes up for the women thing.

Speaking of women. They got their own geeky club too. So, lots of equal opportunity geeking going on. Thus, you must buy I Am a Geek Tee for yourself and for everybody you know that fits the bill, whether it be man, woman or child.

Check out the Nerdy Shirts, ‘cuz your life depends on it…sort of.

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