Horcrux Collector’s Club T Shirt

by on July 13, 2011

This is one of the best Harry Potter shirts I’ve seen yet. How can you not like this Horcrux Collector’s Club T shirt? First, the design is awesome. that copperish, gold, yellow color on black with metaphysical, mystical, and magical trinkets giving it a deep and mysterious look. Plus, the Horcrux storyline is such a powerful thread throughout.

Then, it drops in a little light heartedness. Hey, look everybody. For only $20 annual dues, you too can be part of the Horcrux Collector’s Club. You’ll get our monthly newsletter, discount on merchandise, and, of course, first dibs on tickets to the annual conference at the convention center in Des Moines.

When 604 Republic does it, they do it right. Right?

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