Hollywood Hills The End is Near T Shirt

by on November 10, 2011

What a spectacular prank that would be to replace those letters overnight, so that it did say that. Plus, it would be true what with the banks bringing the 99% down in order to have enough wealth to melt down gold, and pour it into strap on molds, and diddle each other with these instruments. But, you can only use the $60,000 dildo once, ‘cuz that’s the rules. Not to mention the thing wear they smear themselves in petroleum jelly and roll around in kiddie pools full of shredded $1000 bills. That’s why the end is near, along with the fact rule of law in the US is gone, unless you’re a committer of petty or victimless crimes.

Get The End is Near T Shirt from Headline Shirts because it really is cool, although it wouldn’t have hurt it to say The End is Nigh.

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