Hoboerotic T shirt

by on October 6, 2008

This looks like a very interesting tshirt sales concept. If you have designs this looks like a great alternative to Threadless or entering design contests with the big players.

Basically, people can check out your design and if they like it they can basically invest in the shirt, which entitles them to one shirt plus shipping and a cut of future sales. Pretty interesting concept. I’m going to keep my eyes on these folks.

And, of course, there’d be nothing to talk about here if they didn’t bring the goods. And guess what, I found a shirt that inspired me to write this post. It’s clever, funny, understated and I love the art work.  Whatever it takes to get through the night, eh? 52 thumbs, fingers and toes straight up in adulation to stevebalistreri for this sweet design and cameesa.com for giving him a platform.

I encourage you to literally invest in this shirt. It’s a better bet than the stock market for sure.

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