Guns & Maiden T Shirt from HardShirtz

by on March 10, 2012

I like these little heavy metal and/or rock ‘n roll mashup HardShirtz are creating. Pretty great concept. This Guns & Maiden really rolls off the tongue and pops off the shirt. You’re gonna get noticed wearing this one, and the attention is going to be good. It’s going to show you have a sense of humor and you rock, which is pretty much an unbeatable combination.

Plus, this HardShirtz outfit, from the UK, seems really cool. 100% of the profits of the sale goes to supporting young
bands. So, support the arts and look awesome all with one tiny purchase. This is a no brainer. Take action now and your karma will improve by 78% and your sex appeal will increase by 72%.

Also, while you’re there make sure to check out MegaJovi, MeThrax, Motorsmith, Pantayer, and Scorpultura. And, make sure you navigate thoroughly through the site because they have awesome explosions, and navigation with built in vid clips of people wearing the shirts with heavy rocker attitude, and occasionally your cursor turn into a rock on hand.

Entertaining as hell. Check HardShirtz out.

Finally, I’d like to quote their shipping policy: “Currently shipping may take up to 4 weeks because we are lazy as hell.”

That’s funny enough to make you patient.

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