Hang Gliding What Wouldn’t Jesus Do T shirt

by on December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas. What’s more appropriate than a Jesus shirt on this holiday that celebrate his birth.

What Wouldn’t Jesus Do. Another legitimate question, though in the example on the shirt they have Jesus hang gliding, which, presumably, they are saying is an adventure activity he would not participate in. But, you have to think with all the hiking, and ballsy moves like clearing out the money changers from the temple and dying for people’s sins, and being resurrected, that maybe he could handle a little adrenaline daredevil sporting type activity. So, I love What Wouldn’t Jesus Do  T Shirt because it does depict him hang gliding, which is a great way to picture Jesus, especially since he has long hair but a receding hairline. And, because he’s doing this activity in a robe and bare feet, and you can tell he’s totally  in to it.

Actually, now that I analyze the image, I think what Busted Tees is trying to say is maybe What Would Jesus Do is not the best question to ask yourself as you navigate through you life because he Jesus was a man of action and adventure and living life to the fullest, so there probably wasn’t anything he would not do. That may be where this shirt is coming from. Thus, when a Christian looks at their WWJD bracelet the answer that should come back at him, is anything that gets the blood pumping and makes you feel alive, which is probably not exactly what modern day Christianity is going for.

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