Hammer Time T-Shirt

by on February 17, 2010

This is straight up funny. MC Hammer had the parachute pants moves back in the day and now he’s a cultural icon of snarky awesomeness and that’s great. Don’t forget his eye glasses for that touch of sophistication and the racing stripes on the side of his head and the high and tight jheri curl on top. This dude was put together, RIGHT!

The other beautiful thing about this shirt is that I’m dead against those with multiple clocks on their walls. It’s some ghey way to say you’re an International company. Whoa, you’ve got the time in Glasgow, Berlin, Beijing and Tulsa on your wall, and you just arrived at this meeting six hours early, because you’re not paying attention. Anyways, I call bullshit on the faux multinational vibe extra clocks drop on important visitors, which is why throwing some hilarity into the London, New York, Tokyo mix is good times.

Two pieces of advice. Please hammer don’t hurt ’em. And, Go ahead and get this Hammer Time Shirt because it’s the best thing going and shoot a little liquid sunshine straight into your groin, making your gray, mundane, winter world, totally bitchin’.

Obligatory video:

Headline Shirts has the 80s and 90s covered in terms of historic record. Go visit their archives when you’re in the neighborhood.

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