Halo Teabag T Shirt

by on April 30, 2011

Of course, you have seen this funny use of the Halo video game characters. The blue guy sitting on the red guys face. You can’t see the balls, but it’s implied that they are there. I wonder if the blue guy overpowered the dude or if the red guy passed out from downing too many vodka and tonics. Either way it’s hilarious and you need to get the Halo Teabag T Shirt in order to step up your cool quotient about 14%.

I wonder if people in real battle ever did such things. What am I talking about, of course they did. War shuts of a part of the brain, and you’re in survival mode, so kill those that are trying to kill you, and perform sexy time maneuvers on anything and everything, dead or alive.

The staff at Nerdy Shirts plays Halo every work day on the clock. Management can’t stop them. It’s a wonder they design any shirts.

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