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by on August 13, 2010

greendale human beings community tshirt Community Greendale Human Beings T shirtbuy now button yellow Community Greendale Human Beings T shirtSo the TV show, Community, is about Greendale Community College and they created a new mascot: the Human Being. Saves money on costume. Hell, it’s a community college, why wouldn’t you do something like this. It’s funny. And, plus, humans can be pretty kick ass if they want to be. There’s a reason they’re on top of the food chain. Forget Tigers, Bears, Horned Frogs and Banana Slugs. And god forbid you’re the Devils…Geez, what kind of message is that. Let’s bring it down to a real level. A human level. And connect as people…as human beings.

Here’s a good link to explain this serious decision about the Greendale Community College mascot.

If you enjoy the show and this sentiment ironically, or if you’re a crusader against vicious sounding sports mascots or mascots that demean animals, devils, Native Americans, Hoyas and Crimson Tides, then you should totally be on board with spending good dinero on Greendale Human Beings Community T-Shirt.

Snorg Tees has a subsidiary called Human Being Tee Shirts. They think it’s going to be a big hit but they’re growing it organically.

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