Good Samaritan T Shirt

by on March 29, 2011

That’s some random dude with his shirt off, and a hat and shades pushing some lady in a wheel chair. This is a little weird. The funny is in the random absurdity. I like it. This girl actually had a boyfriend that was trying to gain karma points by going out with a handicapped person, and she could tell but for a while she didn’t care, because she wanted some attention, but she ended up in his email account one day and saw some of the messages to his bro friends, and discovered that the whole relationship was a cold, calculated scam. So, she had shirtless dude come a little early to pick her up from her job, and he wheeled her out just as cold-heartless came in. She got him good. Just after this Good Samaritan T Shirt picture, she flipped him off and paid shirtless $5.

Polly & Crackers bringing street level right here.

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