Ginger Hair Conan Logo T Shirt

by on January 4, 2011

Here’s another one of these Conan O’Brien shirts with the logo to the himself brand that he now promotes with vim and vigor to spite Jay Leno and NBC, and all the blue hairs that sided with Jay. I actually never gave a shit either way about the Tonight Show and what was going on there, but it would do me great honor, if you’re a fan of Conan, to buy this Ginger Hair Conan Logo T Shirt right now. Heck, even if you hate him, you can buy the shirt and burn it, which is like burning him in effigy because his entire essence, which is the swooping red hair, is on the shirt.

Busted Tees got in on this deal somehow, and they’re pimping all this Conan schwag for your O’Brien pleasure. By the way, Busted Tees, I like girls in t shirts as much or more than the next guy, but that poor young lady in the photograph is turning blue. You have her out in the wintry mix with short sleeves. Jeezus.

Here’s some of the vitriol being shot around in those final days of Conan on NBC.

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