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by on November 4, 2010

This is some good wordplay slash political jokestry. Kim Jong Il was the Grand Poobah of North Korea, until he died six years ago. Of course, his estate has played this charade with look alikes and grand statements from his office, trying to make it seem like he’s still alive, so that his horrible, despotic regime can remain intact. Some day people will probably figure out that he’s dead and that they should storm the castle, maim those that have pledged allegiance to Il’s illin’ ways, and institute a free democracy that will slowly devolve into some horrible dictatorship or even worse a country where money is power, the election and legislation systems are rigged, and the top l% get obscenely wealthy, while everybody else continues to drop into the depths of financial hell. Oh wait, that’s the US. Nevermind. Anyway…

You need the Get Il T Shirt because it’s the hottest thing going six years ago.

Actually, what you really need to do, and Busted Tees will second this, is watch the Team USA puppet show by the South Park geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Kim Jong Il plays a big part in that film with his outlandish behavior, which wasn’t too far from the truth. I love that he sounds just like Cartman.

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