Gandhi Says Relax Tshirt

by on May 2, 2010

Love the hovering Gandhi head, the bright pink lettering, and, of course, the message. After he got through with all that hairy nonviolent resistance to the British Empire, Gandhi figured he’d done all the heavy lifting he needed to accomplish in his lifetime. The rest of his time on Earth was devoted to spreading the message of chill.

And, how much better, really, would this world be if everybody followed this philosophy. You can’t kill people relaxed. You can’t come up with banking schemes to hose people out of their life savings while being totally relaxed. To do horrible shit, you have to tense up a bit, because your running counter to a societal norm. Sociopath behavior is inherently not relaxed.

Spread the word. Preach the gospel of relax and wear this shirt: Gandhi Says Relax.

Headline Shirts is synonymous with nonviolence and/or Ben Kingsley’s nose.

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