Game of Thrones Night’s Watch T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on November 29, 2011

They knelt as boys and rose as men of the Night’s Watch. And, there’s a face carved in rock with bleeding eyes. I’m talking about of course the Game of Thrones and the little club those animal fur-clad hairy men join if they’re awesome enough, and can remember a really long oath while kneeling on sand and not getting freaked out by the oozing blood.

This show is sort of popular so Snorg Tees went ahead and designed the Night’s Watch T Shirt to maybe catch a couple of the hundreds of fans it has around the world.

Just kidding…everyone in the world has heard of Game of Thrones and 91% of those love it and watch it on a regular (if not diehard) basis.

Even this little clip has more than 18000 views:

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