Game Controller Sports T Shirt

by on December 26, 2010

It’s one of them misdirection shirts if I do say so myself. We have a video game controller and the word “sports” which is a total disconnect, because even if you’re playing Madden you ain’t playing sports. EA Sports has no real connection to sports. Don’t let the fact that every professional athlete plays video games, and that sports video game junkies know more Xs and Os and are able to strategize better than professional coaches fool you. Nothing to do with sports. Video games drain your will, give you repetitive motion injuries, and make your mind lazy and your body fat…unless you can totally compartmentalize them into an entertainment portion of your daily routine, which, for some kids, is totally impossible.

Anyways, did that mini rant make you want to purchase this Game Controller Sports T Shirt. I’m sure it did. It was pretty persuasive in making the argument that this shirt will probably get you laid by every 10 you meet. No joke. Busted Tees conducted a massive, scientific research project, simply to figure out what messaging and artwork on shirts will give you the highest probability of getting laid, and their catalog reflects the results. Pay attention.

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