G H You’re Just My Type T Shirt

by on February 14, 2011

This is a nice little bit of wordplay. Can you dig it. Perfect for the Valentine’s season. Yes, I’m sticking a season tag on Valentine’s day. Seasons aren’t just for the on of the year holidays. This is the season of love, and with that in mind you should probably lovingly pull your wallet from your pants or purse and buy the G H You’re Just My Type T Shirt. You see what you have here in one letter in the alphabet written in all caps and in a certain font, chattin’ up a letter right next to it in the alphabet with the same all caps and font business. Those are called similarities and often times, are, along with physical attraction, a great foundation for a relationship.

Or, if you can’t stand yourself like me, then any people that share the same interests, think the same thoughts, or act in the same fool way, simply annoy you to no end. In that case, you want someone wildly different from you. That’s why I shacked up with a Thai hermaphrodite in my mom’s basement.

Snorg Tees loves the season of love and so should you.

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