From the Ministry of Painful Walks T shirt

by on March 4, 2013


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I don’t get this shirt beyond the obvious level of…it hurts like hell to walk on a Lego hidden in shag carpet. Ministry reminds me of a few things. Harry Potter obviously (The Ministry of Magic), which is a bureaucratic type of scene. Then there’s the Ministry of Everyday is Halloween and Jesus Built My Hot Rod. And, finally, there’s a mission that religious folks take on to help humanity.

Not sure any of these apply. I’m trying to think of wordplay or movie dialog or something that would give a clue. I have Japanese pans in my mind, and 3 Men and a Dad shenanigans, but none of it is coming together.

Can someone help me out in the comments. Please!

It’s funny how Ministry re-invented themselves from the 80s to the 90s. If you can get away with it…cool!

Here’s the 80s version of a great song:

And the remake:

So, there’s a Lego, carpet and a foot and I embed to Youtube videos of Ministry songs. Maybe I’m just not super stoked with the design.

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