FPS Respawn Reload Revenge T Shirt

by on September 13, 2011

This is the ultimate gamer recycling shirt and if you play the first-person shooter (FPS) games you probably need to own it as soon as possible. This ain’t no joke. It will improve you game performance 7% and that’s significant if you’re good.

Ready to get all eco-gamer on us? Then purchase the Respawn Reload Revenge T Shirt and you will feel better about spending an average of five hours a day staring at a screen killing bits and bytes, instead of doing something good for the world like volunteer at a shelter, hang out at the nursing home, smile at your family, get fresh air so that your not so grumpy at school, or whatever.

I’m serious…this shirt from Tshirt Bordello basically gets rid of all guilt and other negative feelings about excessive gaming. It’s worth probably $6700/year for hardcore gamers, but you’re not going to pay nearly that much.

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