Football is Back That Was Close I Almost Had To Watch Soccer T Shirt

by on July 28, 2011

This is one for all you American football fans out there. I know there are millions a day that visit this site. Basically, you’ve been waiting for a while to pounce on the next football shirt I highlighted. It’s been a while. But, a monumental occassion like owners and players being able to agree on how to split 600 trazillion dollars, while half of the U.S. starts to slip below the poverty line, is really something to celebrate on a shirt. I mean. Thank god. What the hell do the miserable unemployed have to look forward to if not the NFL.

If you’re on board, you will buy the Football is Back that Was Close I Almost Had to Watch Soccer T Shirt.

Deez Tees loves the grid iron, pig skin, and long snaps. Do you?

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