Fennec Fox I’m a Great Listener T Shirt

by on June 8, 2012

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Fennec foxes gots some serious ears. Big ears don’t always equate with great listener. I mean my grandpa’s ears were as big grandma’s couch doilies, and he didn’t listen to a word you said. He’d just give affirmative grunts, hoping you’d shut up so he could watch the end of the Broncos game.

But in the case of this particular animal, you can pour out your troubles to him and he will sympathize and offer encouragement, and that awesome active listening shit. Headline Shirts has three in their SF offices.

Here’s a Fennec that was fed one Nutella sandwich on oat crust wheat bread. Hope he’ll be alright. Actually, they need to blow off some steam like this on a daily basis after listen to petty human problems for hours on end.

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