Femme Fatale Americana T Shirt

by on October 9, 2011

Very nice design by famed apparel designer, Matthew Skiff, for Kryptonite Apparel and Design. I think this works well as a Halloween-themed t-shirt with the zombie coming out of the grave and the hot motorcycle babe shooting at it in the full moon.

But, I think if you’re cool enough you can get away with wearing this Femme Fatale Americana T Shirt all year ’round. I mean for a scintillating hottie, can you ask for more than tight pants, flowing blonde hair, exposed midriff, and cleavage. Add the danger elements of motorbikes, guns, and battling the undead and you have a shirt that will be stored in the memory of every hot blooded male for the rest of their testosterone-filled years.

And, if you really dig deep into your soul, isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for in a t-shirt?

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