Enter the T-Shirt Chamber

by on December 13, 2010

If you like your funny t shirts a little more on the offensive or at least extra dirty side, then T Shirt Chamber is probably a site you want to check out. Tea Bagging seems to be a favorite pastime, and I’m not talking about marching on Washington D.C. with a bunch of fat, racist white people.

Frodo T Baggins

Mr. Frodo had some peculiar predilictions when he and Sam were on the journey. Gollum also had to get in the act a few times. Whatever gets you to Mordor I suppose.

T-Bag’N Twister

This dude has like Wolverine fur on his balls. Not sure who’s getting intertwined with that, but when you’ve had enough “punch” at the party, I suppose things happen.

Of course, it looks like they’ve moved beyond just teabagging, and have a few other interests that they’ve expressed on graphic shirts. Such as…

Caution I May Robot Without Warning T Shirt

I like this one. It’s good to warn people about the type of amazing they may be witnessing from you at any time.

A Priest and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar Did You Hear the One About Us T Shirt

Nice. I like this. It harkens back to all of the bawdy jokes your uncle told you, plus it depicts religions coming together

Tom Foolery College T Shirt

Tom Foolery College stands on its own as funny, using an old timey phrase to describe modern party practices. The icing, of course, is est. in 1969.

Dancing with a Shart T Shirt

This is a bit of a stretch from Dancing with the Stars in terms of wordplay, but it’s funny to think of some dude pushing through on the dance floor, because he has moves and the places is rockin’ with hunnys. Hopefully, being distracted with the juice in his pants, and how he’s going to bring a lady back to the apartment and clean himself up, won’t hamper his moves.

Go check out the rest of the T-Shirt Chamber catalog. It’s not huge right now, but once they blow up into huge t shirt stars, you can say “I knew those dudes, back when they only had a few teabagging shirts.”

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