Emo A Cut Above the Wrist T Shirt

by on March 29, 2011

I never connected emo with cutter, but I guess I should have as this Emo: A Cut Above the Wrist T Shirt attests. And, if you like to make fun of mopey emo people with bad posture, eye liner, and black hair, then this shirt is perfect for you. So what if it will probably cause the emos that see it to cut a little deeper in their next razor blade session. It’s totally worth it, because emos are such pussies and losers. Am I right or am I right?

Actually, that was all a little too harsh and I’m sure Busted Tees never meant this message in such cruel terms. I actually think the staff at that tshirt empire is crying out for help. Look at that poor broken heart on the wrist. Terrible.

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