Eggs and Bacon T Shirt

by on January 19, 2013


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Listening to Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking where Perry says “sex is vio…lent” and it kind of makes sense on a macro level as I write about this shirt. Let me explain. This eggs and bacon skull and crossbones design is kind of a juxtaposition of something beautiful and death.

Let’s be honest, eggs and bacon is a beautiful breakfast, and skull and crossbones stand for death, and/or some Yalite secret society that rules the world, taking it to the brink of destruction, which is extinction on a wide scale, except for the super duper wealthy. They’re gonna live on that island of trash out in the Pacific Ocean until all that messy radiation clears.

Anyways, I like Jane’s Addiction, because they hit in my formative years. Yes, I’m very old. I like eggs and bacon. I like skull and crossbones. And I like gruesomely wealthy folks that throw away perfectly good yachts if the windows get water spots.

And that’s why you should sincerely consider purchasing this tee obviously.

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