Eat Shit T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on March 6, 2012

What a cute little shirt. Rainbow. Sun. Cloud. Wait what does that say? Oh my, that’s not cute at all. Ew…look at those colors. Whoever heard of an orange and black rainbow. This Eat Shirt T Shirt is terrible. Sorry, I was just imagining a friend of your mother coming up to you and experience an entire wide range of emotions from delight to disgust as she figures out what this shirt from Busted Tees says.

It’s not obvious. The font is obtuse, which makes it that much more fun. If you have a little chutzpah, then you probably want to own and wear this shirt to all your normal hangouts, and see what kind of responses you elicit. Good times.

Think about eat shit as a statement of anger toward another person. It’s pretty gross. Then it begs the question. Where do I get this shit? First thing that comes to mind is dog shit because only half the dog owners in America pick up after their animals. The other half are the ones that should really eat shit. Forget those cute little baggies. Just pick it up with a bare hand and eat it…all you disgusting freaks.

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