Dr. Who Super Mario Brothers That’s Mine Dalek T Shirt

by on April 23, 2011

Good Lord…another deal I have to research because I don’t play video games. Apparently, Mario just got his plunger (he’s a plumber you know) stolen by some robot/droid deal named Dalek and he’s trying to get it back. Okay, 27 seconds of research and I discover this is a mashup of the Super Mario game and there’s a group of robots in Dr. Who called Daleks, and they sort of look like they have one plunger sticking out of the front of them, so it’s only natural that a Dalek would try to steal a plunger from Mario to have a set.

If you dig the Super Mario and the Dr. Who, like 3% of humanity and 92.5% of this blog’s readers, then you’re going to need to pull your wallet out of your pants, flip out your favorite credit card and make a purchase, but this That’s Mine Dalek T Shirt speaks to you on a deep, cellular level.

Another bit of mashup tomfoolery straight from the cracked minds of T Shirt Bordello.

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