Don’t Ice Me Bro Tshirt

by on June 20, 2010

It’s a new meme. A new meme. Get some shitty malt liquor like Smirnoff Ice and force your buddies to drink it by presenting bottles to them at the craziest times and wildest places.

Hey best man, instead of that ring, bust out the Smirnoff Ice. Groom will have to take a knee and down that bad boy right there. Vows can wait. Why don’t you send one FedEx to your corporate sellout buddy. He gets the package from the shipping department, rips it open in his corner office, forgetting to shut the door, now he’s taking a knee and chugging. Ha. Ha. Ha.

You get the idea. Quite an excellent marketing campaign for the fraternity broseph-minded demographic. You likey? You get the Don’t Ice Me Bro Tshirt.

Now, here’s some more info on the phenomenon just so you know what’s up:

Think twice before you get into a game of Ice with the Busted Tees. Brutal.

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