Don’t Drink and Blog T Shirt

by on August 5, 2010

This is some of the best advice and ranks right up there with don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and dial, don’t drink and text, don’t drink and Facebook, don’t drink and hang a taxidermied deer head on the wall. This Don’t Drink and Blog t-shirt message is right up there I tell you.

And, no matter how in control or smart or disciplined you think you are, it always helps to have little reminders in your life. So, don’t get all high and mighty and say stuff like “I can handle my booze, I’ll blog drunk off my ass if I want.” Because what you’ll get is dangerously close to the loopy output of a The Daily Dish.

So, check yourself. Drink some coffee. Take a cold shower. Make love to that 7 in the velour tube top. Then, when you’ve sobered a bit. When you’re thinking more clearly. When you can find home row. Only then should you start tickling the keys and birthing your brilliance into the cyberwaves.

Busted Tees drinks and designs tshirts, but that has not been socially stigmatized so it’s cool. And, look at the output. Apparently, they could pass out and drool an awesome design. Am I right?

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