Doctor Who Bananas Are Good T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on February 16, 2012

This is a little Doctor Who business with bananas right here. I like bananas though I don’t eat them very much any more. I’ve removed most fruit from my diet because of the carbs. Sometimes I think that might be a little drastic because fruit has lots of other good stuff vitamins, antioxidants, and sweet, juicy flavor bursts.

We used to eat awesome bananas from the jungles of Mexico. Delicious. All different kinds. Red. Short and fat. Finger bananas that had a hint of apple. Awesome plantains. Can you tell I know more about fruit than Dr. Who, so I’m trying to fake my way through this review of the Bananas Are Good T Shirt designed by ixrid and made available on Red Bubble.

Actually, even if you don’t watch Dr. Who, this shirt stands on its own merits. Some crazy dude with Warholian facial coloring pointing and pixelated banana saying they are good. That’s pretty funny and cool looking.

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