Dinosaur Spring Break Partying Will Never Go Extinct T Shirt

by on January 31, 2011

I’m not really sure what this shirt is trying to say. Dinosaurs are extinct, so are they saying that Spring Break alcohol and flesh fests will go extinct just like the dinosaurs, even though with the constant stream of young people (have you ever noticed there doesn’t ever seem to be a gap in college-age kids – like there’s never been a year where humans decided to take a sabbatical from procreating) the phenomenon looks invincible.

Or maybe this Spring Break Partying Will Never Go Extinct T Shirt really means that spring break is such a cathartic release from the rigors of book learnin’ and shitty part-time jobs in the computer lab that the health of the general student body of the United States depends on Lake Havasu, AZ and Panama City, FL.

What do you think Snorg Tees was getting after with this shirt? Leave a comment. What are they trying to say? Tell me! Do you know? Maybe they have information about dinosaurs also drinking and fornicating in the Spring time and that was ultimately the reason for their demise. Watch the videos. There’s no way this could lead to human extinction. That’s pure vitality and triumph of the human spirit.

“What’s the craziest thing you have done on this Spring Break:”

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