Department of Corrections Wild Beast Lion Tshirt

by on May 3, 2010

It’s about time these zoo animals that escape are put through due process, rather than getting off scott free because they’re “wild beasts” and can’t help mauling the people around them. Same thing as the insanity plea. Pretty much anybody that kills someone in cold blood is “insane” at the time of the murder. You have to be to pull something like that off.

Anyway, it’s good the Department of Corrections made an strong example of the most hifalutin’ of the wild beasts: the lion. Sends a message to all of the other cats, and the chimps that are eating people’s faces off, an the rhinos that trample, and the elephants that toss: hey, you’re not hiding behind your “wildness” any more. You’re going to be treated by the system  like any other criminal.

Support your local law enforcement as they make this important push for justice against the animal kingdom. Wear the Department of Corrections Lion—Beast, Wild tshirt today. Well, buy it and wear it in a few days once it’s been shipped to your door.

Headline Shirts tells it like it is. They’re not in the business of protecting prima donna lions.

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