DEA Hiring 9 Ebonics Experts

by on August 25, 2010

It’s sort of funny that this is skyrocketing as a hot topic in Google blogs and Google trends, and I’m sure it will hit the Twitter Trending Topics before day break. Nine jobs.

from CBS News

“Federal agents are seeking to hire Ebonics translators to help interpret wiretapped conversations involving targets of undercover drug investigations. The Drug Enforcement Administration recently sent memos asking companies that provide translation services to help it find nine translators in the Southeast who are fluent in Ebonics, Special Agent Michael Sanders said Monday.”

Ebonics just seems to hit the funny bone. This story is only about nine jobs being created for translators…not a story until you’re talking African American Vernacular English. Actually, it’s pretty trippy the diversity in this country, and the different types of English that are spoken.

I’m sure Busted Tees is well aware of this story and keeping tabs on the latest.

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