Darwin Scarface Tshirt

by on April 12, 2010

The older I get the more sense Darwin makes. Survival of the fittest. Adaptation. Change or die. That’s what it’s all about on this crazy planet. That’s why this Scarface Darwin homage is so poignant and tickles the fancy.

Tony Scarface Montana lived by the same rules. He went from pot to blow and kept his edge. He went from knives to submachine guns and kept on top of his game. He was a survivor. He evolved. He escaped Cuba and made a new life for himself in Miami. This is exactly what Darwin was celebrating in his seminal work, “On the Origin of the Species.” That and big turtles in some crazy island. Anyway…

You may have never made the connection before, but now it’s probably like a light bulb went off in your head. It’s an obvious connection. And, there’s only one thing you can do with obvious and important connections. Buy the tshirt: Darwin Scarface.

Headline Shirts has never paid for its cocaine. On the house, baby.

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