Cloud City San Francisco T Shirt

by on December 6, 2010

This is kind of a San Francisco resident insider joke kind of shirt, which makes it pretty dang cool. Definitely, you need the Cloud City San Francisco T Shirt if you live in the city, but I’m saying right here that if you are reading this and you’re interested in looking cool, then you should get this shirt, so you can tell people what it means. Seriously. And, here’s the type of language you can use, straight from the mouths of SF residents, Headline Shirts:

“You know the scenario. Your buddy from the Midwest visits you in February, thinking California is one big, sun-soaked beach. He steps off the plane in cargo shorts and flip flops. Much to his dismay, the weather turns out to be more Scotland than San Diego.”

That’s good stuff, and will make you seem like you know your Northern California shit in front of your Midwestern friends and it will buy you some credibility when you decide to visit the lovely city.

Hey, I live in Milwaukee, but ask me when I was the coldest. Go ahead. Glad you asked. I was the coldest at Candlestick Park in the summer. No joke. OK, -35 degrees Wisconsin windchill makes my brain freeze, but the San Francisco Bay can create a foggy, chilly atmosphere.

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