Cigar Guy T Shirt

by on October 6, 2010

cigar guy t shirt Cigar Guy T Shirt

Second Update: Now, we’re getting somewhere, actually capturing some of the magic. This Cigar Guy headshot features some of the best details.

Update: Here’s a t shirt featuring a cartoonishly buff Cigar Guy. Not sure I agree with the approach, since the outfit he had on and the particular way his hip juts out, and the hands in the pocket are much of what makes cigar guy, the cigar guy.

By now you’ve seen the photo of Cigar Guy. Right? And, you’ve seen how the fake moustached gentlemen wearing a turban and smoking a cigar has blown up all across the Internet. Right? How long before he gets his own Cigar Guy T Shirt? 5 more minutes? 10? I’m guessing it is very soon, because that guy would pop on a funny t shirt.

I mean the time and placement of this guy was incredible, since Tiger Woods flubbed the shot at the Ryder Cup and it went directly at the photographer. This made it a photo worthy of buzz on it’s own, but look a little closer and there’s Cigar Guy excited about the shot…eyes wide, mouth agape, turban tipped, and hips askew. It’s beautiful.

I am concerned that the white dude with the afro wig, cowboy boots and shorts is getting short changed in this whole affair. Check the second photo in the Daily Mail and see what I mean. I have a feeling these guys are buddies and this was a plan to get some air time, but who knew Cigar Guy what be front and center for a very unique shot. Meanwhile, afro boots is lookin’ good and getting some air time, but it pales in comparison. Winner Cigar Guy!

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