Chris Kaman Lights Up Western Michigan

by on July 30, 2010

I’m a couple three weeks late on this, but Chris Kaman buying $10,000 worth of fireworks and lighting them off in what looks to be a quiet suburban cul de sac is definitely worth a look-see.

When you have Kaman moaning about how he’s gonna get thrown in jail, and proud of the fact that his fireworks hook up refuses to be seen on camera, you have to believe David Stern is not looking kindly on this.

I think maybe Chris and Delonte West should get together next 4th of July, and combine motorcycles, firearms in guitar cases, enough fireworks to blow up the last standing buildings in Detroit, and the trailer. Picture it now. Delonte comes flying out of the trailer guns ablaze like Tex Cobb in Raising Arizona, or maybe Danny Trejo in Machete. Fireworks blowin’ out the exhaust pipe. Kaman and his boys lighting a fireworks path for the cycle.

They call it the Ginger Blast. It becomes an annual thing.

Meanwhile, every new NBA contract strictly forbids fireworks, to go along with the already banned motorcycle riding, snow sports, competitive card playing, and jousting for women.

When is Snorg Tees making a shirt to celebrate the life and madness of Chris Kaman?

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