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by on December 24, 2010

The Chou t shirt store specializes in original gamer and nerdy culture designs that will be right up your alley if you spend more than 72% of your time plugged into a game system or on a computer. They hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin (hey neighbor…I’m in Milwaukee!).

Under staff it says Daniel Chou, so I’m thinking we’re talking about a one-man operation or a very small operation, which I love to support, along with prodigious use of the word “apparel.” Some of the shirt concepts seem to be rehashes that I’ve seen before (ie: Canada America’s Hat and Camping is In-Tents), but there are enough original concepts to make a visit to Chou Store worth your while, especially if you take advantage of the Shirt of the Week that’s on super special — $10 at time of posting, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Here are a few of my favorite “Amusing and Gamer Apparel” offerings:

Fruit Pi in the Window T Shirt

This harkens back in olden times when grandmothers baked pies and put them in the window to cool. Add a little wordplay and nerdy math business and you have fruity pi in the window.

I Put the Sin in Wisconsin T Shirt

Let it all hang out. This time in Wisconsin is pretty miserable, and it lasts for like six months, so a little sin is just what the sanity doctor ordered.

My Moustache Brings All The Girls to the Yard T Shirt

I’ve seen some variations on this theme, but this is the first time I’ve seen the moustache bringing people to the yard. Nice.

I Found Jesus He Was With Waldo T Shirt

I like the crafy look on Waldo and Jesus on this shirt. And, of course, the high five. And the concept of looking for Jesus hiding in crowds and behind trees is pretty nice also.

Your Mom! T Shirt

Let’s get down to the basics here. It’s not about your mom goes to college, or my other ride is your mom, and your mom likes that thing I do. It’s just your Mom.

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