Chest Bump T Shirt with Target

by on September 17, 2010

Beautiful t shirt. I’ve always been a little white awkward about high fives, hand shakes, and chest bumps, but this tshirt changes things drastically. If I get all the people that I want to celebrate awesomeness with a Chest Bump T Shirt, and myself, of course, then we have targets to aim for. We have a clear goal and a definitive plan of action when the time comes to celebrate.

No half-hearted high fives, because only one person is into it. Or bumbled handshakes because there’s a palpable fear that the intricate moves will be messed up. Forget all that. This is a concerted effort in the jubilation space and it is very good.

Busted Tees is also known as part time productions. Look it up. They know how to have good clean fun.

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