Chain Restaurant Tourist Location T Shirt

by on November 9, 2010

I love this shirt. Who gives a shit about the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Florida? I sure don’t. I don’t care how many pairs of Buddy Holly glasses are hanging on the wall. It just doesn’t interest me and it shouldn’t interest you either.

I’m not a huge vacation snob, only going to out of the way places where I will absolutely not be considered a tourist because nobody in their right mind would go to these places and be miserable on purpose. However, you won’t see me at some Disney theme park, nor some bullshit chain restaurant unless I’m desperate. What about you? Do you like that kind of thing or are you in line philosophically with the Chain Restaurant Tourist Location T Shirt, which makes fun of the popularity of such mundane “destinations.”

Busted Tees hittin’ hard on this one, again just in time for the holidays as people plan their trips to warm weather tourist destinations with plenty of chain restaurants to make them feel at home.

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