Chai Maintenance Focuses on Life and Black T Shirts

by on July 21, 2011

I’m not Jewish but after 14 seconds of Internet research I’ve come to appreciate the concept of Chai. No not the spicy Indian tea. I’m talking about the Hebrew word Chai that some say refers to the living God, or the Jewish focus on life, rather than not living in order to score a better afterlife like some other religions seem to espouse.

Then again I have no idea what I’m talking about, but the Chai Maintenance seems to be built around the concept of loving the life you live.

Of course, there are shirts like this Nice Jewish Boy, which seems pretty funny, but I can imagine a Jewish girl growing up in a heavy duty Jewish home, might here the phrase “why don’t you find a nice Jewish boy” 96,000 times in the dating years, especially if they have an eye for the goyem.

On the flip side, if you’re Jewish man and looking for a mate, this might just push you over the top. You know what they say about winning over the mother…wait…do they say that?

Another nice offering is this I’m One of Those People T-Shirt. I have no idea what it means but it will start a conversation guaranteed.

Anyway, if you’re fascinated with the Jewish culture or perhaps you are of the Jewish persuasion, you will most likely enjoy the offerings at Chai Maintenance. Check it.

Marc is the proprietor of this fine shop and he needs to sell some shirts. Here’s what he says about it:

“If we don’t sell some shirts we’re going to become Nudists.”

Not sure if that’s desperation, or a threat, or perhaps even just a comment in passing, but take it to heart as you consider clicking the link.

And, as a final note I must mention that these same folks also do a toilet paper site. Makes me laugh every time I visit it.

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