Catwork Orange T Shirt

by on April 30, 2011

A little play on the cat meme on the Internet combined with one of the most vile but critically-acclaimed movies ever made. Stanley Kubrick called put this one together nicely. I don’t even remember the movie, except for the sick in my stomach feeling I got watching it. The author of the novel, Anthony Burgess, said he came upon the name thinking about a beautiful organic, aromatic, visually appealing fruit, combined with a cold-hard man made machine, artificial construct like a clock, which I think is a prety perfect metaphor of living in the 21st Century. What am I Freshman English student at the community college?

Get the Catwork Orange T Shirt, because you can’t quell your love of Internet cats and you heard that Clockwork Orange was a racy film.

Headline Shirts knows where their bread is buttered…in the kitchen on the counter. They also come out of creating meetings knowing what one or two shirts they are going to feature for the week. And, that’s what they do.

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